Do you need help obtaining aReplacement TitleFor a vehicle purchased from a
dealer auction?

We can assist with the documents.
Title and lien release requests for $269.

An easier way to obtain a replacement car title.

If you are a dealer and have purchased a vehicle from Manheim, Adesa, Southern Auto Auction, Copart, or another auction, you may have difficulty obtaining a replacement title if the document has become misplaced or damaged.

  • Did Fedex lose your titles?

  • Did you sell a vehicle and the buyer lost the title?

  • Was the title damaged after you took it from the auction?

  • Was the vehicle sold “title attached”?

  • Is your briefcase containing auction titles lost?

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Lost Auction Title Recovery

Replacing Lost Titles
from Auto Auction

Get your replacement title

We are here to help. All for only $269. * licensed dealers only